The Oregon coast truly has a lot to offer, for all ages. 

Oregon Dunes

 The Pointe Condominiums are the only vacation rental with direct dune access to the Oregon dunes. Winchester Bay has 4400 acres of the tallest sand dunes on the West coast. There are plenty of flat areas for young and new riders, as well as large bowls and steep hill climbs that are sure to challenge any skill level or vehicle. If you don't own your own OHV or Atvs, rentals are available for delivery from Ridin Dirty rentals here in Winchester Bay. We are also situated right between Florence sand dunes, and the North bend sand dunes, both just a 30-minute drive, perfect for a day trip with some variety.  There is also kid track/ pit bike track directly across the street, with sand berms and no traffic, a great place for younger kids to learn.

Oregon Dunes

Crabbing, Fishing, Clamming, Beachcombing

We are located right across the street from a beach, with many more beaches nearby. One of the best local crabbing spots is aptly named the crab dock, it is just 1/4 mile down the road, also accessible by UTV/ATV. Salmon season brings many fishermen to the jetty, right across the street, where the great Umpqua river meets the pacific ocean. The beach also offers clamming, a safe bay to swim, and many miles to explore on foot. Oysters are grown nearby in the Oyster triangle and are available fresh in Markets and restaurants right in town. The coast guard does weekly drills in the bay with a diver and helicopter, it is a spectacle and fun to watch. 

Local Beaches

Local Sights and Hikes

There are many things to see in our area. Some are very easy to access, such as the Elk viewing area, Shore acres state park, the Umpqua lighthouse, Lake Marie, Hall lake, Tugman state park, and Loon lake. Others require a hike, through the beautiful Oregon rainforest, and add a level of excitement and adventure. 

 The Elk viewing area is right on Hwy 38 before coming into Reedsport and includes large fields full of local wildlife, including a couple of massive Rocky mountain elk herds. 

Shore acres state park has viewing areas perched right at the edge of dramatic cliffs, a great place to relax and watch the waves, storm season brings massive swells, with 100+ foot breakers. As well as sunset beach, a great surfing spot with tidepools, and miles of hiking trails. 

The Umpqua lighthouse overlooks the Pointe Condominiums, and it is just a short walk away. It is one of the last remaining lighthouses with a natural glass element, and bright red color. They offer full tours, and an excellent gift shop. 

 Just past the lighthouse, is Lake Marie. It has an easy 1-mile walking trail, with another trail leading to a dune overlook, geocaches are common in this area. It is also regularly stocked with rainbow trout and is a nice relaxing place to fish. 

 Hall lake is just 10 minutes south on Highway 101, it is a warmer lake, great for swimming in. It also has a massive dune leading straight into the water, popular for sandboarding, sledding, and even slip n slides. There is also a nice trail around it, and even a secret lake and a hidden waterfall that are fun to find on your own.

Tugman state park offers a scenic hike, kids' park, and makes an excellent lakeside picnic spot. 

Loon lake is a 30-minute drive away, up highway 38. It is one of the warmest lakes on the coast, they offer boat and jet ski rentals. The swimming beach is a common hangout spot, during the summer season. There is also a hike to a waterfall, and some rocks you can jump off of into the lake. 

If you would like to experience the true old-growth Oregon rainforest, I highly recommend visiting Kentucky Falls. It is a 2-hour drive on backroads, and at least a 2-hour hike. You would need to plan a whole day for it, and make sure you have clear directions before venturing out of service, but it is amazing. It is a 5-mile trail leading to two 120 foot waterfalls that are awe-inspiring. If you are interested contact us for directions. 

 Many people just come to ride the dunes, but don't let the other nearby experiences slip by, as there is a lot to see and do.